CRT is partnering with Cause Genesis to develop a new avenue of funding for our many worthwhile projects. Over the next 6 months, we’ll be using funds raised from your purchases to fund the Seeds for Change project.

How it works

You may have heard of this type of program through  Cause Genisis
offers a variety of products at reasonable costs (there are also sales and promotions) for every purchase you make through our storefront – 10%-15% goes directly to CRT. There are zero costs to CRT and no long-term obligation to continue.

To make sure your purchases are directed to CRT you must use the CRT storefront – so click the CRT STORE image at the bottom of every page on this site and then bookmark the site in your browser.  In this way, your everyday purchases will be supporting peacemakers around the world and be contributing to the things that matter to you as a CRT partner.

How can they do this?

  • Their mission is to serve as many non-profits as possible – which creates a greater buying power and reduced product costs
  • Minal staff – which allows them to maintain a low overhead
  • Not many moving parts – there is only one store and merchant account through Cause Genisis so more funds are available for distribution to participating non-profits


Find out more about Cause Genisis at their website or contact CRT  and let us know what you think about this new program.