CRT has supported a number of projects in Kenya through our partnership with the non-profit Mpanzi Empowering Women and Girls (  CRT helped Mpanzi get established by providing financial and technical assistance, and continues to support their activities.

Rural Community PeacebuildingUntitled

CRT provided the first grant to conduct a peacebuilding program between the Kisii and Maasai ethnic communities.  Participants discussed different forms of conflict, conducted a local conflict mapping exercise, and developed joint plans for maintaining peace between communities during the upcoming election (which are frequently associated with outbreaks of ethnic violence).

Final Report

Obogima, Ending Violence against Women and Girls

CRT provided several grants to Obogima, the Mpanzi program for Untitledwomen survivors of violence. The project started with forums in four Kenyan villages to educate communities about sexual and domestic violence.  Through these forums, conducted with storytelling, music and dance, Obogima enlisted the commitment of local tribal leaders and law enforcement to end violence against women.  The project also developed trauma healing, psychosocial support and network building for women survivors.  Beginning with 5 women survivors, Obogima now involves over 150 women survivors who convene weekly, trade stories of hope, and support each other by sharing financial resources.

Final Report

Livelihoods ProjectReceivinghenandsolidarity

CRT provided fundraising support to launch Mpanzi’s “Goats and Chickens” project – their initial foray into a micro-enterprise program to help women become self-sufficient.  Women form groups to accept collective ownership of a hen or goat.  The milk, eggs and meat provides food for children and families and income to support other needs such as school fees.  The first kid from the goats and first chick from the hens go to establish another group, solidifying collective responsibility and ownership.