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5 days ago

Center for Religious Tolerance

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3 weeks ago

Center for Religious Tolerance

Our friend and fellow peacemaker Eliyahu McLean shared this great idea.

البيت הבית The Home
More than 40 people, including Arabs and Jews from communities in the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, gathered in Jerusalem to pick up them nasty cigarette butts, mingle and drink coffee.

Whatever the motivation, it is for something greater than all of us.

For upcoming #cleaningthehate events, like The Home Facebook page and stay updated.

Our gratitude goes to all of the participents - your commitment and dedication are more than appreciated.

Special thanks to Julian Melcer for the professional video, as well as for the "butt bottles" idea.

Extra special thanks to: Arielle Macey-Pilcher, Ziad Sabateen, Eliyahu McLean, Raji Sabateen, Rebecca Nathan Kowalsky, Shofer Alsmra Max, Israel C. Kalman, Issac Abo-Sroor, Astrid Salvesen Shwartz, Ali Shousha, Phil Saunders, Jason White, Yonatan Yosef Arnon and Danit Grady.

For more details about The Home:
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CRT Mission

CRT promotes peace and social justice through spiritually based interfaith activities. Our work is guided by principles of fairness and compassion, grounded in an abiding belief in the unity of human consciousness, and nourished by faith

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