Our global future depends on our ability to live and work harmoniously across racial, ethnic, religious, cultural and national boundaries. All over the world, people find themselves targets of religious discrimination, hatred and violence. We work to overcome separation and difference by seeking what is common among different faiths and traditions. Our aim is to build a peaceful future by honoring and respecting our shared humanity.

We believe that in order to do the work of peace, it is critical to be familiar with different religions and the way they shape people’s attitudes towards life. In many parts of the world, religion plays a major role in people’s lives. The work of peace should respect that reality.

We believe that despite our diversity, there is an underlying unity in our humanity, in our longing for harmony, in our need for security, and in our gratitude for life. It is in this unity that connections of the heart are made. Through love, patience and persistence, we believe we can change the world.

We believe that the work we do locally affects global consciousness, and the work we do globally affects us at home.

We believe that the work of peace begins within ourselves.

Our Goals:

  • To bring people together across divides of religion, culture and nationality
  • To support local and global peacemakers
  • To develop, test & evaluate new models of spiritual peacebuilding, especially involving women & youth
  • To help people experience the connection between peacemaking efforts at home and abroad
  • To provide news and information that balances coverage in the conventional news media