CRT Team


Andrea Blanch

Andrea Blanch – President

Andrea Blanch, PhD, the President and Director of CRT, works as a consultant for the National Center on Trauma-Informed Care when she is not coordinating CRT activities. She has spent her life involved in social change movements, including second wave feminism and the disability rights movement. She was a 2009 Fellow in the Women, Religion and Globalization program at Yale University, was awarded the 2010 annual Duisberg Peace Award by the Southwest Florida Coalition on Peace and Justice, and in 2012 received the Elisabeth Schilder Memorial Scholarship Award for her interfaith work with CRT. Andy is passionate about the power of grassroots organizing to bring about change and about the growing power of women to help shape a peaceful and sustainable future. She sees CRT as a vehicle to help support global transformation.
Howard Nelson

Howard Nelson – Vice President

Howard Nelson is the director of development for a primary health care network in New York State. He brings to CRT significant organizational experience, an abiding concern with social welfare, and a passion for getting people from different parts of the world working together. His particular interest within CRT is in creating opportunities for people in the United States to get to know the peacemakers working in Israel and Palestine.

Judith Allen – Board Member

Jelilah Judith Allen is a writer and editor living in Seattle, WA. She has an MA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, taught elementary school in the Watts area of Los Angeles as well as in West Oakland, and taught writing and critical thinking at UC Berkeley and at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She was also the director of the high school at a Reform Jewish temple in Bellevue, WA, and has lived in Israel. In recent years, she co-led a community conversation in which local Jews could talk with each other in safety about their feelings regarding Israel/Palestine. Her special focus within CRT has been to support people in Israel and Palestine as they work to shift and heal patterns of trauma that have led to separation and conflict.
William D. Elliot

Bill Elliot – Board Member

William D. Elliot is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Davis H. Elliot Company, an electric utility construction firm. Formerly, he served as the company’s president and CEO. An attorney, he also holds an MA in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University and serves on the board of Valley Bank and Valley Financial Corporation, as well as numerous community boards. Bill plays an advisory role to CRT and has worked with several members of the Abrahamic Reunion in Israel.

Robin Saenger – Board Member

President of Saenger Milo Inc., a design and art studio with a focus on design and fabrication of architectural glass and metal. She is a Board member and Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee of the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art. Robin is a former Vice-Mayor of the City of Tarpon Springs and founding Director of Peace4Tarpon Trauma Informed Community Initiative. Robin’s personal passion is finding solutions through responding creatively to challenges, whether in her community or in an artistic commission. She is excited and hopeful about CRT’s role in the ongoing development of new paradigms both locally and internationally
Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis – Program Director/Board Member

Anna Lewis is a professor in science education with training in Nonviolent Communication. She has written several award-winning papers exploring new perspectives in education that attend to the realities of a diverse and complex world. Before working at CRT she assisted in managing the HOPE PROJECT in India which supported women in creating and maintaining sustainable incomes. Her personal goal for CRT is to assist in creating and supporting opportunities that allow individuals to find more tolerant and peaceful ways to live together.

Juliana Musheyev – Assistant to Director

A native English and Russian speaker, Juliana Musheyev also speaks Hebrew and Spanish. A month in Spain and three months in Israel during her junior year at New College of Florida exposed her to new controversies and turmoil and increased her desire to learn more. Juliana believes that change comes not by forcing ideas on others, but by forming relationships and building trust. “I used to feel an urgent need to convince others…now I see my job is to share my honest opinion and trust that people will come to their own understanding. I’m really happy I get to do this working for CRT.” Juliana is helping to strengthen relationships between CRT and other peace and justice groups in Florida.
Pat Westwater-Jong

Pat Westwater-Jong – Photographer

Photographer Pat Westwater-Jong has worked as a psychotherapist, facilitator, teacher, and management and organizational consultant. In 2000, Pat picked up her camera to capture the beauty of her rural hometown as a staff photographer for the local newspaper. Using her camera lens to record and publicize people working for peace and justice, Pat combines her passion for social action with photography. Her vision for CRT is to find and assist people from every religion who do not let anger, fear and pain block their compassion for all people. Currently, she is working on a project to photograph Holy Land peacemakers. Westwater-Jong Photography