CRT Team

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking created profoundness. Kindness in giving created love.”

– Lao Tzu

Andrea Blanch – President

Andrea Blanch, Ph.D., the President and Director of CRT, has spent her life involved in social change movements, including second-wave feminism and the disability rights movement. More recently, she has been a leader in bringing trauma-informed approaches to service systems and communities across the country.  She was a 2009 Fellow in the Women, Religion and Globalization program at Yale University, was awarded the 2010 annual Duisberg Peace Award by the Southwest Florida Coalition on Peace and Justice, and in 2012 received the Elisabeth Schilder Memorial Scholarship Award for her interfaith work with CRT. Andy is passionate about the power of grassroots organizing to bring about change and about the growing power of women to help shape a peaceful and sustainable future. She sees CRT as a vehicle to help support global transformation.

Howard Nelson – Vice President

Howard Nelson is the director of development for a primary health care network in New York State. He brings to CRT significant organizational experience, an abiding concern with social welfare, and a passion for getting people from different parts of the world working together. His particular interest within CRT is in creating opportunities for people in the United States to get to know the peacemakers working in Israel and Palestine.

Judith Allen – Board Member

Jelilah Judith Allen is a writer and editor living in Seattle, WA. She has an MA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, taught elementary school in the Watts area of Los Angeles as well as in West Oakland, and taught writing and critical thinking at UC Berkeley and at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She was also the director of the high school at a Reform Jewish temple in Bellevue, WA, and has lived in Israel. In recent years, she co-led a community conversation in which local Jews could talk with each other in safety about their feelings regarding Israel/Palestine. Her special focus within CRT has been to support people in Israel and Palestine as they work to shift and heal patterns of trauma that have led to separation and conflict.

Bill Elliot – Board Member

William D. Elliot is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Davis H. Elliot Company, an electrical construction firm.  Formerly he served as the company’s president and CEO.  A former practicing attorney in Virginia, he also holds an MA in Conflict Transformation.  Bill has served on numerous community and business boards, currently including the boards of the Foundation for Roanoke Valley and the Roanoke Cultural Endowment.  Bill plays an advisory role in CRT.

Anna Lewis – Program Director/Board Member

Anna Lewis has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and training in Nonviolent Communication. She has written several award-winning papers exploring new perspectives in education that attend to the realities of a diverse and complex world.  Currently, she is living and working in Peru, exploring new perspectives and becoming fluent in Spanish. Her personal goal for CRT is to assist in creating and supporting opportunities that allow individuals to find more tolerant and peaceful ways to live together.  “CRT is an organization that feeds my heart and soul.  I not only love all the people who work at CRT but feel eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve in a way that supports peace on the planet.”

Annelise Adams – Administrative Director

Annelise is a Florida native, and young creative professional pursuing a B.A. in Professional and Technical Communication at the University of South Florida. With over 12 years of visual merchandising experience, leading to her path of creative directing, photography, writing and editing. Annelise considers herself an all-around artist! When she is not studying or working in a variety of fields, you can find her soaking up the sunshine, tending her garden, and playing with her puppy Maximus. While her roots in Florida are strong, her travels have helped her expand her passion for content creation, as well as lit her activist flame. Annelise has learned she has a voice that others are not so privileged to have and wants to use that voice to raise awareness in social injustices across our nation, and world.

Sophia Abdun – Research Associate

Sophia is a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Public Health and a minor in African Studies. She considers herself to be a global citizen with a passion for health education in developing countries with a focus on preventable diseases. Sophia has spent time in Tanzania studying community development and researching the level of accessibility to and means of sex education and services. She was recently evacuated from the Peace Corps in Senegal and hopes to return.