2012/13 CRT MiniGrants

2012/13 CRT MiniGrants

CRT’s minigrant program supports innovative interfaith peace building projects. The goal is to provide small amounts of seed money to individuals and organizations that have a great idea or project but might be too small to qualify for larger grants. The priorities for 2012 are women’s empowerment, cross border projects, youth interfaith, and trauma healing. Please come back often to view program updates and reports.

Association For The Commemoration Of Bat-Chen Shahak – “Children Building Peace”

Israel – This project involves Jewish and Arab Israeli school children who are living in two neighboring communities in the central area of Israel — Lev Hasharon (Hadar Hasharon School) and Tira (El Najach). The participants will meet together several times a year in order to get to know each other, learn about each other’s culture, community and religion, and to create jointly a project of designing “poles for peace” which will be decorated together, signed by each child and placed in each school’s play yard.
Project Director: Ayelet Shahak
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Mercy Weaver of Dreams Program  (Programa de la Misericordia Tejedora de Sueños) – “Women’s Spirituality of Non-Violence and Healing ”

Honduras – This project will create an environment in which present day conflicts in Honduras can be resolved non-violently, by training a select number of young and indigenous women in alternatives to violence. The hope is that through the training process, women begin to heal the multiple forms of trauma created by a context of  personal/public violence.
Project Director: Monica Maher
Read the Letter to Secretary of State John Kerry
Read the Report from the Sisters of Mercy
Read the Final Project Report for 2012/2013

Mpanzi – “Obogima – Promoting Peaceful, Just And Harmonious Life In Rural Villages Free From Violence Against Women And Girls”

Kenya – This project will conduct forums in four Kenyan villages to educate communities about sexual and domestic violence against girls and women. The project is being funded for a second year.
Read the first year Project Report
Project Director: Jackie Ogega

Naima Zaidan – “Organic Gardens to Empower Deir Istyia Women”

Palestinian Territories (West Bank) – The project will serve to empower women in Deir Istiya to develop economic independence through acquiring organic gardening knowledge and skills. The project will also increase individual and family health and facilitate the regaining of pride in the Palestinian cultural heritage of growing organic food in kitchen gardens.
Project Director: Naima Zaidan

Reiki for Peace – “Free Reiki Clinic for Peacemakers”

West Jerusalem – This project will establish a free reiki clinic for peacemakers in the West Bank, staffed by an interfaith team of volunteers and practitioners.
Project Director: Rahel Warshaw-Dadon
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Shlomit Aharoni Lir – “1325 – Woman and Peace ”

Israel – The project will develop a website to bring together all the materials, meetings, people, organizations and UN decisions relating to Israeli and Arabic women peace activists in Israel.
Project Director: Shlomit Lir
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Shin – “Young Women’s Parliament: Involving Young Women in Legislation Processes Concerning their Lives”

Israel – This project will bring together young women from the Jewish and Arab sectors in Israel to study the legislative process and the history of women’s rights, and to work for laws that will address their common needs. The project is being funded for a second year. Read the first year Project Report
Project Directors: Esther Herzog and Ibtisam Mahameed
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