United States

Community Events


CRT partners with the Peace Education and Action Center and Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center to host regular community meetings, film screenings, educational forums, and workshops. Topics have included peace in the Middle East, community resilience-building, indigenous rights, the experience of Muslims in America, using theater for social change, and healing from trauma.



Working with Local Youth


CRT supports youth initiatives designed to foster a new generation of people working towards peace. Projects have included a study group at Sarasota High School called “Healing Racism,” training for teachers on how to create conflict-free classrooms and defuse potentially threatening situations, and internship opportunities for local high school and college students. 




Trauma Healing


We understand that healing from violence and trauma is an essential component of building a peaceful and sustainable world.  CRT partners with local faith communities and other groups to host workshops and discussion groups about trauma and violence, healing from its impact, and building resilience in individuals, families and communities.




Community Conflict Transformation 

Our world is increasingly polarized, and norms of human respect and kindness are too often neglected. Often, simple disagreements between neighbors escalate into conflicts, are referred to zoning or code enforcement officials for resolution, and may create lasting animosity.  CRT supports local neighborhoods in coming up with their own approaches to building constructive conversations and in building capacity to transform conflicts when they arise.





Elizabeth Schilder Religious Courage Award

This award is given by CRT to an individual who has spoken or acted with courage to promote interfaith understanding, religious tolerance, diversity, and/or social justice. The goals of the award are: 1) to keep alive the memory and spirit of Ms. Elisabeth Schilder and her students; and 2) to bring attention to individuals and groups who represent that spirit in action in today’s world.