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Sarasota Strong


Sarasota Strong is a growing group of Sarasota residents committed to promoting awareness about the causes of trauma, its effects, and help and healing after trauma. Sarasota Strong actively supports all efforts in the community to prevent and address trauma. Over 80 supporters gathered at the Community Bible Church in Newtown for the August forum, to continue the conversation on building a trauma-informed community. After feedback from you, the planning and vision committee has established a name, mission, and vision for our effort.



Our Name:  Sarasota Strong

Our Mission: To promote community-wide trauma awareness through education, connection, and healing.

Our Vision: To create a community that cares for itself.

Join Sarasota Strong for monthly community forums every fourth Monday of every month, alternating between Venice and Sarasota from 6 pm- 7:30 pm.

For further information or questions please email [email protected] or visit www.srqstrong.org


Working Education, Action, and Healing groups

Get involved with Sarasota Strong’s developing working groups, Healing, Education, and Action by emailing [email protected]

  • Healing – offering workshops on how to heal your own trauma and facilitate trauma healing in others, led by Helen Neal-Ali.
  • Education – spreading the message about trauma and healing, led by Carrie Seidman.
  • Action – working to address systemic sources of trauma in our community, led by Andy Blanch.





Sarasota Anti-Racism Coalition

CRT is one of over a dozen local groups working actively to address racism in Sarasota, Florida.  These groups have come together to form the Sarasota Anti-racism Coalition, which meets quarterly to share information, support each other’s work, and develop a comprehensive agenda for change.  This year, CRT is partnering with the Anti-Racism Coalition to sponsor an Undoing Racism workshop featuring the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.  The workshop, which is designed specifically for individuals of faith and spirituality, will be held on March 14-16 at the Friends’ Meeting House. 




Elizabeth Schilder Religious Courage Award

This award is given by CRT to an individual who has spoken or acted with courage to promote interfaith understanding, religious tolerance, diversity, and/or social justice. The goals of the award are: 1) to keep alive the memory and spirit of Ms. Elisabeth Schilder and her students; and 2) to bring attention to individuals and groups who represent that spirit in action in today’s world. We sometimes face situations in life when fear or a sense of fear of powerlessness threatens to overwhelm us. Some people rise above such circumstances and take action. regardless of personal consequences. The recipient of this prize is one of those people. 

CRT Established this award in honor of Elisabeth Schilder, a German woman who acted courageously in the face of “Kristallnacht” the Night of Breaking Glass. This piece of handcrafted art glass was selected to remind us that like glass, we are sometimes fragile and sometimes incredibly strong. Just as light passing through glass can create transcendent beauty, a spirit of tolerance can ignite the courage to act in ways that alter circumstances and outcomes.